A 3-Day Conference For Coaches, Writers & Entrepreneurs Who Want More Income And Impact Through Writing, Speaking & Serving Through Their Mission

October 11th-13th, 2022

Chicago, IL


If you’re reading this, you probably feel like you're meant for more- a bigger impact, bigger "stages", a greater legacy, more success, more abundance . . . but maybe you don't know exactly how to make it all happen.

It could be that you have a book in you, but you don't know how to get it done, or how to successfully publish it once you do get it done.

Maybe you want to be an industry leader, but you don't know how to be more visible - to the right people - or how to inspire them to instantly work with you.

It might also be that you see people around you publishing books, launching big programs, appearing on huge podcasts, and creating big impact, and you don't know how they're doing it, or why it's not happening for you (yet).

Worst of all, that same old gremlin may pop up and fill your head with questions like these: “Am I doing something wrong? Is something not connecting? Is there something wrong with me and my vision??"

If any of this resonates with you, you’re in the right place, because at the transformational 3-day Women Starting Movements Conference, we’ve helped hundreds of women like you turn your vision into your reality!

We do that by helping you identify and dispel any false, limiting ideas you may hold about yourself (including the ones you don’t even realize you have), and by EMPOWERING you in every area of your vision and life!

We ALSO guide you through practical action steps to help you:

  • Take your big ideas and turn them into movement-making, bestselling books
  • Position yourself as an irresistible expert for podcasts, conferences, virtual events and in the media
  • Feel inspired and excited to take bigger action and learn proven strategies to get you known as industry leader
  • Expand your vision with other amazing mission-driven women, who, together are changing the world
  • Experience being "unstoppable" in your vision and leave with an action plan to turn your next level into YOUR REALITY

You’ll learn the same real-life strategies women from all walks of life have used to make an impact as:


  • Best-selling authors
  • Paid speakers
  • Industry leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Global influencers
  • And More!


Spots in this conference are in high demand, and spaces are limited, so click the button below to claim your ticket today!

We’d love for you to join us in Chicago this October!


WHEN: Tuesday, October 11th - Thursday, October 13th

WHERE: Chicago, IL

INVESTMENT: Women Starting Movements is normally $497

Registration right now is $297!

**Conference investment includes all content, materials, and supplies. Travel, accommodation, etc. are not included.*

Here’s what’s included with your ticket!

Three days of transformational experiences, strategies, and implementation

All content, materials, and supplies you need to immerse fully, get clear, and get momentum in your movement

Powerful craft workshops and masterclasses

LIVE Coaching

Connection and networking

Guest experts

Mindset breakthroughs


Special evening sessions for even more progress on starting your movement

Come join us at this year’s Women Starting Movements Conference, and together, we will clarify your mission, blast through your inner critic, and equip you to change the world with your story!

Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and in-demand speakers. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX Chicago, NPR, and Katie Couric. Her writing has appeared in: The New York Times, Forbes, Tri-Quarterly Good Housekeeping, Parenting, IO Literary Journal, Penumbra & Psychobabble. Her first book Bringing In Finn was nominated for the ELLE magazine Book of the Year.